The Attendance Gateway allows you to import and manage attendance records, by uploading employee punch records from a text file. The gateway can be accessed from the Payroll tab.

Employee Punch Records need to be stored as shown below.

Each record (each line) must have the following data, separated by a comma:

  • Date - DD/MM/YY

  • Time - Can be in either 24-hour format (hh:mm OR hh:mm:ss) or 12-hour format (hh:mm am OR hh:mm:ss pm). Note that for the 12-hour format, a space must separate hh:mm and am/pm.

  • IN or OUT

  • Employee Code/Reference - This can be either the Employee Code set by Indigo Payroll, or the Punch Card Number. Read more about Employee Punch Card Numbers here.

If you'd like to exclude employees from being processed in the Attendance Gateway, click here.

Once the file is prepared, click on the "Import Punches File" button.

From here, select the file that you wish to upload, and add any description necessary. Once ready, click "Upload."

Alternatively, records can be entered manually by clicking on the "Create" button.

Data can then be entered as normal in the new field, using the same data restrictions as specified in the text file above.

Once data entry is complete, click "Save."

Any data entered or imported into the gateway can be edited using the "Edit" button.

You will be informed of any exceptions through a notification once an upload is complete. Invalid data will not be uploaded to the system, which will notify you accordingly.

Employees that work with different companies under your Indigo license may still be included in the punch file that you upload. Since their punch card numbers are registered with their respective companies, the system will show these as exceptions, since it cannot associate these punch card numbers to employees in the current company. This is not an issue since employees that are indeed working in the company you are currently using will still be uploaded. To disable these unnecessary exceptions, check the "Ignore invalid employees during import" checkbox, in the Attendance Settings.

Please note that if the Work Schedule Profile is not set appropriately for an employee, the attendance gateway will not be able to detect correct time in and time out hours, or night shift schedules.

The data contained in the gateway is used to generate Attendance Reports, and Attendance Exception Reports. This data can be amended (as explained above), purged or archived as necessary.

To DELETE records from the Attendance Gateway, click here.

To ARCHIVE records from the Attendance Gateway, click here.


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