The Attendance Module enables the tracking of employee punches within Indigo Payroll, allowing for extensive reporting and managing of employee punch times. First, the Module must be enabled from Payroll settings.

Enabling the Attendance Module

Go to "Settings" in the Payroll tab.

Click on "Payroll," and go to "General Settings". From here, click on the "Attendance Module" checkbox. This will enable the module for all your companies.

More settings are available which allow you to configure the amount of tolerance for exceptions, among other things. You can read more about the various settings available for the module here.

Attendance Module Features

When using the module, data must be first uploaded to the Attendance Gateway. This data can be managed from the gateway itself, allowing you to archive, delete, amend and add records as you please. Most importantly, this data is used for reporting purposes. Read more about the Attendance Gateway here.

The Attendance Module features two reports: the Attendance Report and the Attendance Exceptions Report:

  • The Attendance Report produces a report of the punches recorded in the gateway, giving insight on the hours worked throughout a period of time. You can read more about the Attendance Report here.

  • The Attendance Exceptions Report gives an insight on the exceptions that occurred for a period of time. For instance, the system may notice that an employee overworked a certain day/week, and it may also point out any missing punch data. Read more about the Attendance Exceptions Report here.


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