System filters are a good way to filter your current view, and sort out any irrelevant data. Filters can be applied to a variety of screens, namely Employee, Payroll and Leave screens.

System filters can be accessed by toggling the sidebar.

The sidebar will then show up on the right side of the screen. Available options will differ according to the screen that you are in.

To use a filter, simply click on it, and data will change on the screen to satisfy this filter. When highlighted, the filter will indicate that it is active.

Read more about showing Active and Inactive Employees using system filters here.

Below are examples of using system filters in the Employees, Payrolls, and Leave pages:


Once clicked, you can choose from the side which system filter you would like to toggle. Click on Active This Year to disable the filter. Clicking on Active Today will display those employees that are active today.


By default, the Current Payroll Year filter is enabled. Click it to disable it so that you can see payrolls from previous payroll years.


By default, the Current Payroll Year filter is enabled. To see leave entries from previous payroll years, click the filter to disable it.


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