The Global Leave Entitlements Utility allows you to assign leave entitlements to employees in bulk. This can be found in the Payroll tab.

The utility will allow you to select particular (or all employees) and assign leave entitlements to them. First, select employees using the checkboxes to the left. Next, amend settings as appropriate in the sidebar to the right. Note that you can still activate the System Filter sidebar as normal.

  • Leave Type - Allows you to select from a list of available leave types to assign.
  • No. of Hours - The number of hours to assign to the employees for the leave type selected. If the employees already have entitled this kind of leave type, the amount will increase (or decrease if a negative amount is inserted) to the entitlement amount they currently have. Example, if 10 hours is inserted, the employees' entitlement will increase by 10 hours.
  • Leave Allocation - Full Leave Allocation assigns the number of hours in the same rate to all employees, while Pro-Rata Allocation assigns the number of hours as a percentage to those that work on a pro rata basis

Click "Generate" to generate the leave entitlements.


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