Shireburn Software is conscious of its obligations to its clients to ensure the security, confidentiality and availability of the Shireburn Indigo infrastructure. In addition to hosting Shireburn Indigo on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, designing security features into the software and ensuring the correct configuration of the environment to assure this security, we periodically rely on 3rd party specialist organisations to undertake independent tests of our systems and infrastructure.

These tests, referred to in the industry as Penetration Tests, consist of reviewing the practices, software and settings and any attempts to circumvent any security provisions in the infrastructure or the application software.  The findings of these tests are reported to Shireburn Software which, if applicable, would modify any appropriate issues prior to a re-test being undertaken.

The most recent Penetration Test of the Shireburn Indigo environment was undertaken by Kyte Consulting in October 2020 and a certificate of successful testing was issued in on 12 October, 2020. This certificate is linked below.

Recent Penetration Tests

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