• Enhanced Administration Security Role.  User now needs to have the Administrator Role enabled to access Administration Section.  This can be ticked from: Administration > Users > Highlight User > Edit > User Roles > Administrator.
  • New setting to set Leave Type to be only used after number of days after employment.  This can be set up from:  Payroll > Leave Entitlement Profiles > Hours Tab > New Column 'Request this leave after number of days'.
  • Revolut is now supported as a SEPA file type to pay employees from a Revolut Business Account.
  • Cheque Number is now exported in Payroll Detailed report.
  • Improved Leave Accruals Report.
  • Improved Leave Situation Report.
  • Improved Merging of ID Card in Electronic Lodgement.
  • T&A under the hood changes and enhancements.
  • Leave Import via excel now support Leave Groups.


  • Hourly Pay rate is considered depending date of transaction.
  • Fix on random blank page in Employee Details Report.
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