Payroll Enhancements

  • Updated license information to include T&A premium employees
  • Updated FS7 report to reflect government standard changes
  • Added maternity leave column in payroll history (employee tab)
  • Added totals in payroll history tab
  • Support for CSV files when importing attendance

Payroll Fixes

  • Fix in leave approval of employees having the same employee code in different companies
  • Fix in grid date insertion
  • Fix typo in payroll remarks
  • Fix in calculation pay group filter
  • Fix in employees tag filter when creating a payroll
  • Fix in global leave update automatic approval

T&A Enhancements

  • Scheduler advanced print preview
  • Export to payroll preview report
  • Support deletion of import punches device
  • Scheduler shift cell ordering

T&A Fixes

  • Fixes in Scheduler, Allocations and Import of punches
  • Penalties validation when having an empty multiplier
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