Payroll Enhancements

  • Updated Shireburn bank details
  • BambooHR: Future dated employees are now being synced with Indigo
  • Payroll report added grouping by grade
  • Adjustments and union deductions reports now includes grouping by cost centre
  • Payslip run can now be generated/published/printed for filtered records only
  • Performance improvement in calculation and calculation deletion
  • Performance improvement in FS3 generation
  • Performance improvement in Payroll report

Payroll Fixes

  • Missing employees in payroll totals report when grouping by department
  • Payroll totals report was including the maternity fund with the amount of the share options
  • Detailed payroll report company social security and maternity leave fund was not being calculated correctly (When allocating by cost centre)
  • Attendance gateway was ignoring the user filter
  • Leave accruals report was including expired recurring pay items

T&A Enhancements

  • Added "Cost Centre" column in attendance exceptions screen 
  • Scheduler report is now printing cost centre based on user preference
  • Added validations in scheduler shift settings
  • Added user notifications when working on scheduler screen
  • Added grid column selector

T&A Fixes

  • Various fixes in scheduler screen and attendance exceptions
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