Payroll Enhancements

  • Leave entitlement tab now shows remarks
  • Indigo Connect: Export supports cheque numbers
  • Employee > Payroll history tab speed improvements
  • Improvements when syncing with Bamboo
  • Cheques are now printed with the same sorting as they are previewed
  • New column in Payroll detailed report with unpaid leave hours

Payroll Fixes

  • Employee details report Country field was showing Occupation instead
  • Electronic lodgement drop down now shows previously generated years
  • Calculation cannot be finalised if system has Payroll type filters
  • Leave situation report ¬†was duplicating the taken value when detecting cancelled leave within a date period
  • Payroll totals report unpaid leave hours are now added to the leave hours
  • Indigo Connect: Fixes in export to SFM

T&A Enhancements

  • Improvements in user notifications (Ex. Progress and user messages)
  • Punch card validations moved to the employee creation screen
  • Rewards/Penalties: Side navigation search now automatically searches with every keystroke

T&A Fixes

  • User is now notified when no employees are ticked as T&A Employees in scheduler screen
  • Rewards/Penalties: Fixed issue when trying to delete a new record
  • Rewards/Penalties: "Requires Approval Of" option is now removed
  • Various fixes in Send To Payroll functionality
  • Grid improvements when changing tabs
  • Stopping a pattern with an overlap was not removing the error notification
  • Allocations: Updating time balances after 'adjust balance' was not automatically updating¬†
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