Quarter 1 2019

  • Performance optimizations for mostly used functions such as calculation and payslip run
  • Performance optimizations for mostly used reports such as payroll report and payroll detailed report

Quarter 2 2019

  • Release Indigo Developers portal and API management

Wish list

  • Compatibility with Edge and Firefox browsers
  • Send notification to all administrators when group permissions are changed
  • Redesign of the Leave Application screen
  • Redesign of Employee Portal

Previous Years

Quarter 4 2018

  • Time & Attendance Module including rostering (Done)

Quarter 3 2018

  • Support of multiple pay groups with the same payroll frequency (Done)
  • Integration with various accounting systems

Quarter 2 2018

  • Authorize Data Access function with consent and auditing (Done)

Quarter 1 2018

  • Cheque printing module (Done)
  • Support for private pension funds (Done)
  • Support for multiple time zones within the same tenant (Done)
  • Support for share option schemes (Done)
  • Automatic generation of FS4 Report  (Done)

Quarter 4 2017

  • Whitelisting / Blacklisting of IP Address for a specific tenant (Done)
  • Support for uploading of corporate documents (Done)
  • New Calendar showing basic pay changes (Done)
  • Employee Salary Package viewing for whole year with comparison to other employees (Done)
  • Optimization of payslip generation (Done)
  • Add preview of records before posting a leave pro-rata payoff batch (Done)
  • Staff on leave heat map showing number of people on leave with search functionality (Done)
  • Customization of import file for Attendance Gateway (Done)
  • Redesign of the Leave Cancellation screen (Done)
  • Ability to bulk upload Employee images (Done)
  • Bulk upload of employees attachments (Done)

Quarter 3 2017

  • Optimization of Payroll Detailed Report (Done)
  • Two factor authentication using SMS or Email  (Done)
  • Migrating all file uploads to Azure File Storage (Done)
  • Tenant on boarding enhancements (Done)
  • Support for night shifts when applying for leave (Done)
  • To include ICS calendar file in leave approval email (Done)
  • New "Suggest a feature" option in the help menu (Done)
  • Import of Leave records from Excel (Done)
  • Add Mail CC when sending leave approval email (Done)
  • Support for probation period end and availability as a calendar (Done)
  • Support for work permit period and availability as a calendar (Done)
  • Leave Balances Widget for staff reporting to me (Done)
  • New designs for the leave approval and sick leave screens (Done)
  • A more readable FSS report and make it available in the employee portal (Done)
  • Attendance Module with the ability to import punches and report any exceptions. (Done)
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