Main Screen

The Main Screen is the default screen you are greeting with when logging in on Indigo HR. It provides quick access to the many functions supported by Indigo HR including Employee and Payroll Setup, Leave, Payroll Calculation, and Settings and Administration. The screen is split into different areas as highlighted below to facilitate navigation and the day-to-day usage of the product.


Header Menu

Highlighted in red, the Header Menu provides quick access to a number of options and functions as shown below:

- The History icon provides access to visited pages including the time each page was accessed to the nearest hour. This feature allows you to quickly go back to previously opened pages

- The Notifications icon provides access to system notifications.

- The Current Windows icon provides access to open Indigo windows. Use this button to quickly switch between open windows without having to close the current screen.

  • The Help! icon provides access to the online help including How To's and FAQs.

Highlighted in green, the Search Bar allows you to search for Indigo files including Support, Payroll and Setup Files as well as online help topics.

Main Area

Setup and Support files, Reporting and Payroll functions.

Column Menu

Highlighted in blue, the column menu lists the major Indigo functions, allowing quick and easy access from any of the main screens.

Highlighted in light blue, the Shireburn Indigo/ burger icon takes you back one step to access the previous screen.


Highlighted in light yellow, If your Indigo setup includes multiple companies, use the drop-down menu highlighted in the light-yellow box to switch companies.



The Workspace screen is where tasks are carried out, providing a cohesive experience whether you are editing Setup Files, running payroll etc. The screen is divided into different sections making for easier navigation and faster performance.

Function Bar

Highlighted in green, the function bar provides the most basic functions used throughout Shireburn Indigo.



- Options Drop-down. Click on options drop-down to view additional options associated with the function

- Insert. Click to add a new record.

- Edit. Click to edit an existing record. Kindly ensure the record you want to edit is highlighted.

- Delete. Click to remove any selected records

- Save. Click to save the record you are working on

- Cancel. Click to cancel any current operation without saving.

- Refresh. Click to refresh list.

- Copy Item. Click to copy an item

- Paste. Click to paste a copied item.

- Copy and Paste. Click to copy and paste item in a single click

- Record Security.


Filtering and Searching

- Toggle Filter / Search Bar. Click to toggle between filtering and search bars. To learn more about filtering and sorting, see Data Filtering and Sorting

Import and Export

- Import File.

- Export File.


- First (Home). Click to go to first page

- Previous Page (Page Up). Click to go back by one page.

- Previous Record. Click to go back one record.

- Next Record. Click to go forward one record.

- Next Page. Click to go forward by one page.

- Last (End). Click to go to last page.



- Toggle Grid Options.

- Auto Resize Columns.

- Auto Stretch Columns.

- Column Selector

- Load State

- Clear State



Highlighted in orange, tabulated functions offer quick and easy access to child objects of the current file. Child objects make up the properties and settings of their parent object

Header, Data Sorting, and Filtering

Highlighted in yellow, the data header includes search and filtering options to sort through data easier.

Filtering and Tags

Highlighted in blue, data filtering allows you to refine the data displayed in a view by segmenting it according to criteria you choose.


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