What are Messenger Profiles?

Messenger profiles allow you to setup email accounts. These can be accessed from the Administration tab.


What are Messenger Profiles used for?

Messenger Profiles configured with SMTP accounts can be used to send emails directly from Indigo Payroll.


Adding new Messenger Profiles

Click on the Insert icon.

The following window will popup.

Name: Enter a name for the Messenger profile
Messenger Type Name: Select the protocol for the Messenger Profile

  • SMTP Server Name / Address: Enter the server's URL or IP address
  • SMTP Port Number: Select the configured SMTP port
  • Sender Email Address: Enter the email address from which emails are going to be sent.
  • SMTP Username: Enter the username for sender's email account.
  • SMTP Password: Enter the password for sender's email account.
  • Retry Interval (seconds): Select how long to wait (in seconds) before re-attempting to connect following a failed attempt
  • TLS: Transport Layer Security. Check box if the server uses TLS.


Selecting the Messenger Profile

Once the Messenger Profile is created, go to "Settings" in the Payroll tab.

Click on the .

From General Settings, click on the "Edit" button.

Select which Messenger Profile you want to choose.


Editing an existing Messenger Profile

To edit an existing Messenger Profile, highlight the profile by clicking once on the respective row and click the "Edit" button.

Deleting an existing Messenger Profile

To delete an existing Messenger Profile highlight the profile and click on "Delete."


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