• Support for Multi-Factor Authentication - Read More.
  • Added integration with Vodafone Gateway for sms notifications during multi factor authentication.
  • Added integration with Twilio for sms notifications during multi factor authentication.
  • All reports are now stored on Azure File Storage, enabling faster and more responsive reporting.
  • Support for night shifts when applying for leave.
  • Included ICS calendar file in the leave approval/cancellation email, allowing you to open the file to automatically update your calendar with leave entries - Read More.
  • Leave approval moves to the next available authoriser, if the primary authoriser not available - Read More.
  • New 'Suggest a Feature' in the help menu - Read More.
  • New Bulk Leave Import from Excel, allowing you to enter leave records in bulk, instead of one by one - Read More.
  • Streamlined tenant on boarding process


  • The Staff Turnover Report now correctly displays the Employee's Name and Surname
  • Fixed issue with Employee filters on the Leave situation report
  • Fixed IBAN validation issue with certain EU countries.

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