Employee Leave History Report

Employee Leave History Reporting

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About the Leave History report

The Leave History report gives a detailed overview of pending and approved leave requests. This can be done either from the Employee Portal through the Leave History button in the Reporting widget or in the Reporting section in Indigo Payroll and Leave.

Reporting widget

Go to the Employee Portal, scroll to your Reporting widget and click on 'Leave History'.

Payroll and Leave's Reporting section

Go to Payroll and Leave > Reporting > Leave History.

On clicking Leave History, the following screen will enable you to select the companies for which you wish to report leave.

You can modify various options and settings from the sidebar on the right.


  • Date From/To: the date range for which the report will be run.

  • Include Terminated Employees: tick this box to include terminated employees in the report.

  • Pending Leave: tick to include any leave entries pending approval.

  • Approved Leave: tick to include any approved leave entries.

  • Pending Cancellations: tick to include any leave cancellations pending approval.

  • Approved Cancellations & Denied Leave: tick to include any approved leave cancellations and denied leave.

  • Pay-Offs: tick to include any leave paid off. When exporting to Excel, the report will include a column for 'PayRollCode' to show during which payroll the leave was paid off.

  • Write-Offs: tick to include any leave written off.

  • Include Leave Remarks: tick to show any remarks added to leave entries by employees or authorisers.

  • Sort Order: choose to sort the report by Employee Code, Employee Name or Employee Surname.

  • Show Menu Name: tick to show the company's menu name instead of the one in the Name column.

Grouping Levels are used to group the employees within the report based on any characteristics that you want.

Once finished, you can either Generate a PDF of the report, or send the report via email using the respective buttons at the bottom. Below is an example a report, giving a detailed history of the leave taken by each employee.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

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