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Sharing ideas with Shireburn
Sharing ideas with Shireburn

Access the Indigo Suite Ideas Portal to suggest, comment and vote on new futures

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The Indigo Suite Ideas Portal

The Indigo Suite Ideas Portal allows users to suggest features to Shireburn's product team. Users can also view, edit and keep track of the ideas they created.

Furthermore, they can explore existing ideas created by other users, as well as comment and vote on them, reinforcing a sense of community through an idea-sharing forum.

Accessing the Ideas Portal

From Indigo, you can access the Ideas Portal from the Help icon at the top right corner of the screen, next to your profile icon.

The first time you access the Ideas Portal, a message will popup indicating that a user has been created for you.

  1. Check your Indigo email to verify this account.

  2. In the email (sent to the same address you use to log in to your Indigo account) click the Join now button.

  3. When directed, enter and confirm a new password for your new Ideas Portal user. Note: this user is linked to your Indigo account. This means that this user has the same username as your Indigo account.

Users that stop registering their new Ideas Portal user before completing the process will continue to receive the pop-up message asking them to check their emails when they click the Ideas Portal button.

Navigating the main screen

After completing the registration process, every time you click the Ideas Portal button and log in, you will be directed to the main page of the Indigo Suite Ideas Portal.

  • The majority of the screen is taken up by the ideas list, which by default shows you All ideas.

    • For each idea, you can see the title, description, number of votes, the contributor, module category and development status.

    • You can begin interacting with an idea from the list by clicking on it.

    • At the top right, you can use the search bar to look for ideas already submitted. The sorting and filtering settings can also improve your search.

  • On the left-hand side of the screen you will see an interactive index.

    • You can filter the view at the top by clicking on My ideas, My votes or My organization. This will help you focus on the features you have suggested, ideas you have voted on, and ideas your organization has created or interacted with, respectively.

    • Clicking Pinned ideas will display the ideas pinned to the top of the list by the Product Team. This is done to draw attention to ideas with astounding potential and encourage further engagement by users.

    • Below these three options are five other buttons allowing you to further filter the ideas list by the category the ideas were put under when being created.

    • The number besides each of these buttons indicates the number of ideas within each category.

    • For more information on the Indigo Suite Ideas Portal and status descriptions, you can click on the USING THE IDEAS PORTAL tab at the top.

If you or your organization haven't suggested a feature or voted on an idea, and you click one of the top three filter buttons, all of the ideas in the list on the right will disappear and the numbers will display "0". This is as expected. Simply click the filter button again to turn it off.

Adding a new idea

  1. From the main screen, begin by clicking the blue + ADD A NEW IDEA button at the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Click on the drop-down menu to choose the Shireburn product that fits this idea best.

  3. In the text box under Your idea, type a sentence-long summary of your idea. Note: at this stage, the software will look through the ideas database to check for any ideas similar to what you're suggesting, to avoid creating duplicates.

  4. Type in more details in the text box under Please add more details. It is highly important to not share any sensitive information in this text box, as your idea will be publicly available in the portal. Also delete the orange notice before submitting your idea.

  5. Choose an appropriate category for this idea. The choices in this drop-down menu will be determined by your choice of product in step 2.

  6. Click on the blue ADD IDEA button below to submit your feature suggestion.

You can add an idea from outside the Ideas Portal. When logged in to Indigo, press the Help icon at the top right corner of the screen, then press Suggest Feature. From that point on, continue from step 2.

Voting and commenting on an idea

You can begin interacting with an idea by clicking on it from the list. This will give you more information about it, including:

  • The full title and description

  • Number of votes

  • Status

  • Product and category

  • Idea contributor

  • Creation date

  • Related ideas

  • Other users' comments

You can click on the blue VOTE button to vote for this idea. Clicking on the VOTES tab, next to COMMENTS, shows you who voted for this feature.

Click on + Add a comment to begin typing your comment. When finished, click Post comment.

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