Before using or enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, it must first be setup from 'Settings' in the Administration tab.

No setup is required for email authentication, as this will use the email provided per user with pre-existing SMTP settings.

If SMS Authentication is to be allowed, first select your preferred provider. We currently support Epic or Twilio integrations. Remember to click on the 'Edit' button before making amendments.

Once selected, click on 'Integrations' on the left, and select the preferred provider once more (in this case we have selected 'Epic,' however the process for Twilio is almost identical).

You will need to enter your integration keys in the provided fields. These keys need to be obtained from Epic or Twilio. Different SMS rates apply and may change at the provider's discretion. Shireburn Software is only providing the means for integration and is not involved in the setting of SMS rates/charges.

Epic: Call on (+356) 9999 9247 or visit and ask about obtaining API Keys for SMS integrations.

Users or Administrators can now enable Multi-Factor Authentication as necessary.

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