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Setting up Work Permits for a Foreign Employee
Setting up Work Permits for a Foreign Employee

Set up the Work Permit Expiry Date for Temporary Foreign Employees and view in Calendar

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In the case of temporary foreign employees, a Work Permit is assigned to them with an expiry date. In relevance to the employer, this will span from the start of employment up until the document's end date, which is determined by the document expiry date. 

This will not affect the termination date of the employee in any way, therefore a termination date must be set accordingly.

Setting up Work Permit expiry dates

  1. The work permit expiry date is set up from Hr > Main > Employees.

  2. Double-click (or select the employee and click Edit) on the employee that you wish to set the work permit expiry date for.

  3. Enter the end date in the Work Permit End Date field, under the Employment Details section.

  4. Save your changes by hitting Enter, or clicking on Save.

The date will then be included in the Work Permit system calendar, which can be viewed in HR > Main > Calendar.

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