Setting up Probation for an Employee

Set up Employee Probation Periods

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Employees can have Probation periods as part of their contract. A probation period spans from the start of employment to a set end date, determined by the employer. To set up the probation period end date, from the Payroll tab, go to 'Employees'.

Double-click (or select and click on 'Edit') on the employee that you wish to set the probation period for. The end date of this period can be entered in the 'Probation Period End Date' field, in the 'Employee Details' section..

To enter the date, click on 'Edit,' and amend the date.

Save your changes by hitting Enter, or clicking on 'Save.' 

The date will then be included in the Probation Period system calendar, which can be viewed in the 'Calendar' tab.


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