The Attendance Exceptions Report displays any exceptions, or abnormalities, in employee punch times. This can be accessed from the Payroll tab.

You can view the data in the screen that follows, with standard filtering and sorting tools, while also providing the availability to export the data to Excel.

Various reporting options are available in the sidebar, located to the right side of the screen.

First, select the employees that you wish to generate a report for by ticking the checkboxes on the left.

Grouping - Data is grouped according to these levels, with level 1 taking priority, then grouping by level 2.

Attendance Group - This can be set to either Daily or Weekly:

  • Daily - Displays records per employee day by day. Grace periods are applied per day.

  • Weekly - Displays records per employee in weeks (e.g. Week 21, Week 22, ...), listing the first day of each week in the report. Grace periods are applied ONCE per week (if a grace period of 25 minutes is set, this will mean that only 25 minutes of leniency per week is allowed). <INSERT SETTINGS ARTICLE>

  • Include Leave Records - When checked, will include leave records in the report, instead of listing exceptions for no punches.

  • Show Exceptions Only - When checked, shows only employees that have exceptions in their punch records.

Once settings are changed as required, click on "Generate." This will start to generate the desired report, and once done, it will be downloaded.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

Here are some error types that may present themselves in an exceptions report:

  • Missing work schedule profile - Employee has either the work schedule profile or detail not configured. Read more about Work Schedule Profiles here.

  • Missing day(s) - ┬áThis occurs when grouping weekly. Within a particular week there is more than 1 missing day.

  • Employee did not work on the {day\week}

  • Employee worked less

  • Employee worked more


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