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Configuring the Attendance Module
Configuring the Attendance Module

Enable the Module and Assign Missing Attendance Grace Times

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Attendance File Settings

Read about these settings here.

Attendance Module Settings

Settings for the attendance module can be accessed from the "Attendance Settings" tab in the Payroll settings sidebar.

Attendance Tolerance/Grace Time

These settings will assign grace times to exceptions in the attendance module. Negative Tolerance is applied before the shift, while Positive Tolerance is applied after the shift.

Store Raw Punches

Enabling this setting would significantly slow down the attendance module performance, since it will store all attendance record in the system database for audit purposes.

Ignore Invalid Employees

When this is enabled, the system will not display any exceptions for employees for which it cannot match a punch card number to. It will simply exclude them from the upload. This is because employees can be working under a different company. His punch card number would apply to that company only.

Employee Punch Card Numbers

These can be amended from the "Employees" screen in the Payroll tab.

Double-click, or edit an Employee to access the Employee settings. Scroll down to the Attendance Details section.

3 punch card numbers are assigned to any employee to cater for any lost cards. "Punch Type" allows you to set how employees need to punch.


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