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Whitelisting & Blacklisting IP Addresses
Whitelisting & Blacklisting IP Addresses

Allow, Block or Prevent IP Addresses from using Indigo Payroll

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Networking settings in Indigo Payroll allow you to whitelist or blacklist IP addresses, restricting use of the system. This can be accessed from Administration > Main > Settings.

From the Networking tab, you can then:

  • Toggle Whitelisting or Blacklisting on or off

  • Whitelist or Blacklist IP Addresses

Input the IP Address ranges that you would like to whitelist or blacklist in the respective lists. Make sure to click on the plus sign ("+") button to add the range. Note that you can use asterisks in the IP addresses to signify ranges. This can be done in any combination. Below are some examples:

  • -

  • 192.168.23.*


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