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Corporate Documents Widget
Corporate Documents Widget

Upload & Manage shared files for the whole company

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The Corporate Documents widget allows you to share documents with the whole company. Examples of such documents can be sick/injury forms, company insurance forms or any medical forms, among others.

This widget can be enabled from the top right side of the Employee Portal, by clicking on the "Add New" (plus sign) button.

Select the widget from the list of available widgets. Note that once the administrator adds the widget to the employee portal, this will be available for ALL employees.

The widget will then show up in the Employee Portal as shown below. It will behave like any other widget - To read more about widgets, click here.

Any type of file can be uploaded, except for file types mentioned in this list.

Permissions are used to restrict (or allow) users from making changes to files in the widget. To assign Permissions, view the detailed article here. Available permissions for this widget are:

  • HR_CorporateDocumentsCreateFolder - Reorganise files and folders in the widget

  • HR_CorporateDocumentsUpload - Upload files to the widget

  • HR_CorporateDocumentsDelete - Delete files in the widget

  • HR_CorporateDocumentsRename - Rename files and folders in the widget

Users that do not have any Corporate Documents related permission assigned to them are only allowed to view and download the files in the widget.

The following are the various functions of the widget:

  • File location at the top of the widget

  • The "<" arrow collapses/expands the folder tree structure

  • The folder icon allows you to create a new folder

  • The cloud icon allows you to upload files

  • The folder icon with the up arrow allows you go up one folder

  • The search bar allows you to search within all folders within the widget

Clicking on a file will show various options which can be executed on the file.

When selecting a file, you can Download, Delete, or Rename it. Only users with the right permissions can make changes to files, however anyone can download them. Note that when downloading files, the files will remain on the widget. You are essentially downloading a copy of the file.

At the moment we are limiting the total size of the uploads to 500Mb per tenant.

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