Files can be made available for employees to be viewed on their own portal. Such files can include personal appraisals, and other documents unique to them. Other employees will not be able to see another's files. Note that only payroll administrators or payroll users can upload new files.

From the Payroll tab, go to "Employees."

Double-Click on the Employee, or select and click on "Edit."

Click on the "thumbtack" icon at the bottom right side of the screen.

Files can be attached by clicking on "Attachments." Some file formats are not allowed for upload, click here to see which formats are not allowed.

Once the file is uploaded, two icons will come up next to the file when you hover with your mouse on the filename.

The "trash can" icon will delete the attachment, while clicking on the "padlock" icon will unlock the file, and make it available for the employee on the employee portal. The attachment will be available in the Attachment Widget for that particular employee.


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