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Tagging an Employee and using Tags
Tagging an Employee and using Tags
Manage Tags for Employee Records
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Employee tags can be used to indicate any special requirements that an employee may have. These can be personalised as necessary and can be used as needed for any reason necessary. For instance, assigning the tag #medical-record to an employee may indicate that this particular employee will always need to bring a medical record when sick.

Tags will show up when approving leave or sick leave records, and on the employee record itself. To assign tags, go to "Employees" in the Payroll tab.

Double-Click on the employee, or select and click "Edit."

The tagging feature can be found at the bottom left side of the screen. Click on "Add Tag." As previously mentioned, tags can be used in any way needed for any reason necessary. Hit "Enter" to add the tag.

An example of the use of tags can be seen here.


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