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How do I allocate C.O.L.A. to all employees at once?
How do I allocate C.O.L.A. to all employees at once?

Using the Global Basic Pay Adjustments Utility for COLA

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The Global Basic Pay Adjustments Utility allows you to change the basic pays of employees in bulk. This can be found in the Payroll and Leave module under the Utilities section.

The utility will allow you to select particular (or all) employees and affect basic pay adjustments for them.

  1. After accessing the Global Basic Pay Adjustments page, select employees using the checkboxes to the left of the grid.

  2. Next, amend settings accordingly in the sidebar to the right. Note that you can still activate the System Filter sidebar as normal.

    ​Effective Date: The date on which the basic pay adjustments take effect.

    Pay Type: Select either a flat amount increase, or percentage increase in pay.

    Frequency: Fixed Pay is set at a weekly frequency (amount is added weekly) while Hourly Pay is set at an hourly frequency (amount is added hourly). Both should be inserted, so both Fixed and Hourly employees are affected.

    Amount: Can be either a flat rate or percentage, depending on your selection.

    Update all basic pays for employee after effective date: instructs Indigo to update future basic pays too with this new increase automatically after the effective date.

  3. Click Generate to generate the adjustments selected.

View this video for a full explanation.

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