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Configure the Attendance Module Import File
Configure the Attendance Module Import File

Attendance File Settings

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The Attendance File Settings are used to configure Indigo Payroll to read your punch file in whichever format that works for you.

These settings can be accessed from "Settings" in the Payroll tab, then go to "Payroll," and finally "Attendance Settings." Before making any changes, remember to click on the "Edit" button.

First, click on "Settings" next to File Settings.

The following window will allow you to specify which columns are available in your text file, in which order they are in, and which input restrictions each column has. The four columns that Indigo Payroll requires are: 

  • Date (dd/MM/YY)

  • Time (hh:mm OR hh:mm:ss OR hh:mm am/pm OR hh:mm:ss am/pm)

  • Punch Type (IN or OUT)

  • Employee Code (read more about this here).

If no changes are made to the settings, then the import file will need to be in the format as described above.

Please note that only text files are accepted as imports at the moment.

The following file formats can be used in Indigo to import a Hit (Text) file for the Attendance Gateway module.  These settings can be changed from:
Payroll > Settings > Payroll > Attendance Settings > Settings button

Date Format		Example
---------- -------
dd/MM/yyyy 30/07/2016 [if blank, this will default]
MM/dd/yyyy 07/30/2016 [US format]
d/M/yyyy 30/7/2016
M/d/yyyy 7/30/2016
dd/MM/yy 30/07/16

Time Format Example
----------- -------
HH:mm 13:09 [default]
hh:mm 01:09 [12Hour]
HH:mm:ss 13:09:24 [incl seconds]

Date\Time Format Example
---------------- -------
dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss 30/07/2016 13:09:24

Below is a list of the available settings in the window:

  • Delimited - This will allow you to enter any number of characters in each field. Columns need to be ordered by setting a priority number in the bottom section of the window. The delimeter character can be set to whichever character you'd like. This separates one column from the next.

  • Fixed Width - Each field will have a character limit assigned to it. This can be set by entering the limit in the fields in the bottom section of the window. Note that the same field is used for 'column priority' when using the Delimited option. Columns can then be ordered by rearranging the fields.

  • Has Header - When enabled, the first row will not be considered, since it should contain header titles.

Click 'Add Column' to add a new column.

  • Set the column's name in the 'Name' field

  • Set the column type in the 'Type' field (this can be either String (text) or Integer (number))

  • Set the column's format in the 'Format' field (normally applicable for date and time fields)

  • Set the Priority or Width in the final field (this depends on the Delimited or Fixed Width options as described above). Remember that in the case of Fixed Width, you will need to rearrange the columns to order them.

Once ready, click "Submit." When returning to the settings screen, you will then need to map the columns to the required fields. You can do this by selecting the appropriate field for each required field.

Once ready, click on the "Save" button.

You can read more about the other settings for the Attendance Module here.


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