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Prioritise Leave Types to allow Deduction from Leave Carried Forward

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After creating Leave Types, each type will automatically be given the highest priority. Priorities allow employees to use multiple Leave Types in a certain group, in an order which can be specified by yourself. Groups can be assigned to a Leave Type in the Leave Types screen.

For example, for each year, a new leave type is created, however leave from the previous year can be carried forward. "Old" leave should be used first. This is done by giving the new year's leave type a lower priority, as in the below screenshot.

This way, if the TOIL leave type is used up, leave will first be deducted from VAC16, then VAC17, and finally VAC18.

To access Leave Type priorities, go to "Leave Type Priorities" in the Payroll tab.

Leave Types are sorted by categories, and can be sorted by dragging and dropping, or using the arrow buttons to the right of each type.

After changing the priority of leave types, click on the "Apply Priority Order" at the bottom right to apply your changes.

To reset the priority orders to default, click on "Clear Priority Orders" at the bottom left.


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