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Pay Employees through Cheques

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If you would like to purchase the Cheque Printing Module, contact us by using the chat button at the bottom right side of the screen, or through our various other methods here.

Prior to undergoing the cheque printing process, you must first setup the cheque layout and relevant permissions. This is a one time process, and can be followed in detail here.

To start the process, go to Payroll & Leave > Main > Payrolls.

Cheques can be printed per payroll, and can only be printed for a finalized roll. To see detailed information on how to finalise a payroll, click here. Select the roll for which you would like to print the cheques.

If the roll is finalized, then the cheque printing button should be available at the bottom right.

Upon clicking the "Cheques" button, the following window will popup.

Clicking the "information" ( i ) icon will display helpful tooltips that can guide you along the way.

The employees listed in this window are only those that can be paid by cheque. This can be done by changing employees' payment types in their settings screen.
Note that this list displays ALL employees that can be paid by cheque, and all will be selected BY DEFAULT. To sort employees into groups (by department, for example), use the "Grouping" and "Filtering" functions to the right.

If a filter is switched off, the employees will be considered as deselected, and will not have cheques printed for them. Cheques will be printed for employees that are on screen, and that have their checkbox checked.

Having groups and filters enabled will allow the printing of cheques in particular orders. Cheques will be printed in the order displayed on screen. In the field at the top-right, enter the cheque number for the first employee.

Selected employees will be given a cheque number, starting from the one given to the first employee. Clicking on the question mark button will guide you further on using cheque numbers.

Note that indigo is not integrated to your company's cheque printing system, and it is up to you to keep track of your first available cheque number for use. Indigo will display a warning if a cheque number was already used WITHIN INDIGO. Nonetheless, you can still go ahead with printing if such a warning is displayed.

Make sure to check that everything is order, and click on "Print All." This will prompt you to print all the selected employees using your preferred printer.

You will then be prompted to specify whether the print run was successful or not. Indigo does not have any control over your printer, and only sends the cheques for printing. You are therefore required to specify the print run success. A print audit report can be printed as well.

Indicating an unsuccessful print run will mark the employees' cheques as "Misprinted" and can be re-printed with different cheque numbers. Clicking on the information button will guide you further on how "Misprints" work.

After the first print run, statuses will be displayed next to each employee. Only those which HAVE NOT been printed will be automatically selected by default.

  • Printed - Indicates printed cheques

  • Misprinted - Indicates misprinted cheques as identified by yourself

  • Pending - Indicates cheques that still have to be printed

  • Recalculated - Indicates employees which have had their payslip recalculated. A cheque for such employees could have already been printed.

In the case of recalculated employees, you can choose to print a cheque for the Full Amount (the Recalculated Amount) or for the Difference in amounts.

After the first print run has been executed, runs after these will display employees with a counter next to them, indicating the number of cheques printed per employee.


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