Setting up the Cheque Printing Module
Perform Initial Setup for the Cheque Printing Module
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After purchasing and installing the Cheque Printing Module, users need to have the appropriate rights assigned to them.


The relevant permissions assigned to the Cheque Printing Module are the following three:

  • HR_Cheque - Allows the user to view reports and print audits related to cheque.

  • HR_ChequeReport - Allows the user to print cheques, but only once per employee.

  • HR_ReprintCheque - Allows the user to reprint cheques for employees any number of times.

The Cheque Printing Module requires minimal setup. This entails selecting your preferred cheque layout.

Cheque Layout

Go to "Settings" in the Payroll tab.

Click on "Payroll," and scroll down to "Cheque Settings." Click on "Edit."

Select your preferred layout from the list, and click "Save."

Note that "Custom" should ONLY be used if a custom cheque layout was included in your installation.

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