Setting up Employee VOPS payment

Employee Voluntary Occupation Pension Scheme

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Employee VOPS Payment is treated as just another Pay Item, and can be set manually in a payroll or as a recurring payment.

Manual Pay Item Entry

  1. From Indigo, to to Payroll & Leave > Main > Payrolls.

  2. Select the payroll for which you would like to enter VOPS payments for.

  3. Select the Employee, click on Pay Items, and click Create.

  4. Use the VOPS or Employee VOPS Pay Item, enter the relevant details (Cost Centre, Date, Amount, etc.) and click Save. Remember that this is the payment that the employee is going to make, and will be included in the payslip. Amounts must be negative.

    The below screenshot shows a deduction of €50.

Recurring Entries

Alternatively, VOPS contributions for employees can be set to be recurring pay items.

  1. From the HR tab, click on Employees.

  2. Select the Employee for whom you would like to set the recurring payment, and click on the Pay Items tab.

  3. Click on Insert (+ icon) in the toolbar

  4. Enter the appropriate details. Note: don't forget to populate the Date From and Date To fields. You can leave the Date To field empty for indefinite recurring payments.

  5. Click Save. Note: this will add the pay item for the employee, for each payroll in which the employee is included.

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