How to Carry Forward Leave

What to do to carry forward leave to next year

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There are times when a company may want to carry forward leave to the next year. In Indigo, leave is not added on to the current year's leave, but instead will remain referenced for the Leave Year in which it was allocated (so any VAC23 leave carried forward from 2023 to 2024 keeps the code VAC23 rather than being assigned to VAC24).

So if an employee has remaining leave from the previous year/s, this may still be utilized as per priorities you set, but the system will check the dates that it may be used in.

If, as a payroll user, you would want to carry forward such leave, carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Payroll and Leave > Leave > Leave Types.

  2. From Leave Types, select the Leave Type that you wish to carry forward and edit it by selecting the pencil button.

  3. Amend both 'Allow post to' and 'Can Request to' dates to whenever you want to have this leave utilized.

Besides the above, you will also need to confirm how the system will behave for the vacation types of the previous year and the current year. By default, when you carry out the switch to the new year (End of Year), the system will change the 'Entitlement with new employment' (1) and 'Pay off on Termination' (2) to 'None'. If company policy is to pay off all the remaining balance for the previous year, the 'Pay off on Termination' (4) should be changed to 'Full'.

You must then check that the current year's leave Entitlement with new employment (1) and Pay off on termination (2) are both set to Pro-Rata. You may also consult the leave priorities so that you will know how the system will prioritise deducting leave from the available Leave Types.

Follow a video explanation of this process here.

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