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How can I pay Employees from a Company Revolut Business Account?
How can I pay Employees from a Company Revolut Business Account?

Generating a Revolut CSV file to be used in the Business Revolut portal

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Shireburn Indigo, through its Direct Credits capability, has always supported making a payroll payment directly to any bank account of an employee, including a Revolut bank account by entering the IBAN of their Revolut account into their employee profile.

Now Indigo also supports making payments FROM a Revolut business account, either to other Revolut personal accounts or to any conventional bank account.  The benefit to the employer is the removal of the transaction charges usually imposed by banks, which can accumulate to a substantial amount, while the benefit to the employee is the instant receipt of the funds if the employee has a Revolut account. Indigo also supports paying some employees through one outgoing employer's bank account while having other employees paid through a different account, so a hybrid is perfectly possible.

Like most banks, Revolut supports the processing of bulk payments through the generation of a file in CSV format, which can then be uploaded through the Revolut Business Portal.

Follow these steps to set up Indigo to support the generation of outgoing Revolut payments:

  1. Create a new Bank: Go to Payroll > Employee Setup > Banks.

  2. Press the + icon to create a bank.

  3. Give a unique code and name to the Bank (ideally name this as Revolut) and enter the BIC code of your company's Revolut account.  Regarding the SEPA file type, select from the drop down menu the entry called RevolutFile, with the 'Sepa file' field set to RevolutFile.

  4. Next, go to Payroll > Main > Settings.

  5. At the Company Details page, click on the Payroll menu option to the left.

  6. Select the Bank Accounts menu to the left and click on the + to add a bank account.

  7. Enter the details of the company's Revolut account that will be used for payments, and enter the IBAN of this account into the IBAN field. For a Revolut bank account you can leave the Company ID, File Prefix and File Suffix empty. 

Note: Different Revolut accounts may have different BIC codes, and therefore a new Bank has to be created for each unique BIC code.

Once the Revolut outgoing payment account has been set up in Indigo, you can select for which employees you would want to effect payments. Indigo allows different employees to be paid through different outgoing bank accounts.  

The choice of outgoing bank account used to effect a payment to an employee is set in the Employee profile in the field called 'Company Bank Account'. Change this field for all those employees whose payments you would like to send through the Revolut account. 

Once your payroll has been calculated and checked, and you are ready to make the transfers with the finalised payroll, use the 'Generate Direct Credit Payroll' option in the payroll processing.  This will give you the choice of bank accounts from which to carry out the transfer.  This screen will show each of the accounts set up previously. Select the Revolut option to generate the file. This will allow you to save it to a folder on your machine.  

If you are asked to add a password, do not add a password as the Revolut portal will not enable you to upload the file.

Log into your Revolut Business Portal and upload the newly generated file following the instructions for uploading bulk payments.  The process involves the following steps:

  1. Within the Revolut portal, head to Payments and select Bulk Payment.

  2. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the field.

  3. After the file has been uploaded, you may review and amend the list of transactions and then may proceed with payment.

Please note that any changes effected to the transactions within the Revolut account will not be reflected back into the Indigo data.

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