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13th March 2019


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Payroll Enhancements

  • Improvements in the Totals Payroll report

  • Performance improvements in the Payroll detailed report

  • Added pop up in calculation screen to notify user of any filtered applied

Payroll Fixes

  • Fixed issue with 5 SSC contributions on 4 weekly payroll when weekly basic hours is enabled

  • Fixed issue in global leave approval process when status of entries are partially updated

  • Fixes in pro-rata leave entitlement to ignore inactive employees that started employment after public holiday

  • Fixed issue when importing leave or sick which need to be split between two entitlements

  • Fixes in tenant creation process

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  • Improvements in license management 

  • Improvements in grid column selector

  • Improvements in punches import

  • Improvements in import punches device setting screen

  • Improvements in allocations process

  • Scheduler: Pattern settings screen

  • Improvements in rewards and penalties screen

Time & Attendance Fixes

  • Various fixes in scheduler, allocations and shift management

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