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How to add a new Leave Hour Schedule
How to add a new Leave Hour Schedule

Adding a new type of leave hour schedule

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About the Leave Hour Schedule

Leave Hour Schedule setup is done to have an employee apply for leave in the easiest way possible. By creating these schedules, you will be setting up different options from the dropdown list presented when applying for leave. The way to do this is to create the Leave Hour Schedule, enter the dates during which it is to be used, and enter the deduction details.

Creating the Leave Hour Schedule

  1. Go to Payroll and Leave > Leave > Leave Hour Schedule.

  2. In the Leave Hour Schedules tab, add a description of the schedule.

  3. In the below example, we are seeing a schedule of 12 Hours leave with code and description set as '12HR' and '12 HOUR LEAVE', then we have an additional three columns that can also be set.

    1. Minimum Hours: When set, this will instruct the system that an employee cannot apply leave less than what is set in it. In this example an employee cannot apply less than 1 hour of leave daily.

    2. Maximum Hours: This is the maximum number of hours that an employee can apply for leave. In this case is 12 hours daily.

    3. Interval (Hours): This column will define the interval in Hours / minutes that the employee will then apply for. 

This means that an employee can apply for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of twelve hours' leave at an interval of 15 minutes.

Defining the Leave Hour Schedule Range

After setting the schedule, the next step is to set when the schedule can be used.

  1. Select the Dates tab and click Add.

  2. Fill in the fields for Description, Date From, and Date To. The above example shows that the schedule is valid from 01/01/2022 till 31/12/2050. Setting a Date To so far in the future indicates the schedule has no specific end date.

Other examples include when having different types of leave that the employee would want to find automatically using the system. For example, in a company with reduced working hours in summer, you might deduct 8.5 hours for a full day in winter and 6.5 hours for a full summer day. In this case, you would need to set the Date To and Date From to match the season for the respective Leave Hour Schedule.

Setting the Leave Hour Schedule Details

In the Details tab, as an administrator you will be setting the way leave will be deducted when it is in selection. In this example we have three types of schedule details that will then be selected.


  1. Schedule Details Desc: the description shown when applying for leave.

  2. Time From: the earliest possible start time applicable to the leave.

  3. Time To: the latest possible end time applicable to the leave.

  4. Leave Hrs: the exact number of leave hours that will be deducted.

  5. Break Hrs: the amount of break time incorporated into the shift.

  6. Variable Hrs: only used if the schedule is set to be used with variable hours.

  7. Set as default: tick this for the schedule to be the default shown when applying for leave. Only one schedule can be set as the default.

Make sure to populate both the Dates and Details tabs. If they are not filled in, the Leave Hour Schedule will not show in the list when applying for leave.

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