Leave Hour Schedule set up is done to have an employee apply for leave in the most easiest way possible. By creating these schedules, as an administrator you will be setting up different types of options from the drop down list presented when applying for leave. The way to do this is to 1. Create the schedule, 2. Inform the system when is it going to be used (Dates) and 3. how it is going to be used (Details).

1. Creating the Schedule

To create a schedule one just needs to go to the 'Leave Hour Schedule' tab and add a description of the schedule as per below.

In the below example, we are seeing an additional schedule of 12 Hours leave with code and description set as '12HR' and '12 HOUR LEAVE', then we have an additional three columns that can also be set.

  1. Minimum Hours - When set, this will instruct the system that an employee cannot apply leave less than what is set in it. In this example an employee cannot apply less than 1 hour of leave daily.

  2. Maximum Hours - This is the maximum number of hours that an employee can apply for leave. In this case is 12 hours daily.

  3. Interval (Hours) - This column will define the interval in Hours / minutes that the employee will then apply for. 

The way that the above is easily explained will be - 'an employee can apply a minimum of an hour and a maximum of twelve hours of leave at an interval of 15minutes.

2. When is going to be used (Dates Tab)
Once you set the schedule, the second step is to set when this schedule can be used. From top right corner, you need to select the 'Dates' tab.

Once in this tab, as an administrator, you need to give a 'Description', 'Date From' and 'Date To'. In this particular example, the schedule hasn't any particular time frame that will be used, thus it is open until 2050. 

Other instances where this can be differently used may be when you have different types of leave that the employee would want to find automatically by the system. Example if you are working in Winter you need to deduct 8.50 hours of leave as Full Day but then if it is summer you will be setting it as 6.50 hours as deduction. Then you need to set the dates for the Winter and Summer dates.

3. How it is going to be used (Details Tab)

In this 'Details' tab, as an administrator you will be setting the way how leave will be deducted when it is in selection. In this example we have three types of schedule details that will be then selected. The following is a description of each column in the details:

  1. Schedule Details Desc. - This is just a description that will be seen by the employee when applying of leave

  2. Time From - A general description from which time the leave generally begins

  3. Time To - A general description to which time the leave generally ends

  4. Leave Hrs. - The exact amount of leave hours that will be deducted in the employee

  5. Break Hrs. - This is the amount of break time that is incorporated in the shift

  6. Variable Hrs. - This is only used if the schedule is set to be used with variable hours

  7. Set as default - There can only be one as default, and this generally will pop up by default when applying for leave.

It is of normal practice that by mistake when creating a schedule an Administrator the last two tabs are forgotten to be set up and thus when applying for leave you won't find any schedule. All you need to do is continue to set up from step 2 onward from above.

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