18th July 2019


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Payroll Enhancements

  • A column for remarks is now being displayed in the leave entitlement tab of the employee details screen.

  • Loading time for the Out of Office & Leave Widgets in the employee portal screen has been significantly improved.

Payroll Fixes

  • Filtering by Payroll Group and Payroll Frequency.

  • Pro-rata leave payment when an employee is terminated.

  • Extended the number of decimal places displayed in payslips for consistency.

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  • Export to Payroll: Order by employee and date has been added to the Allocations Preview Report.

  • When a shift preset which is in use in the scheduler is modified, the instances where this preset has already been assigned in the scheduler on dates which have not been processed will be automatically updated. 

  • Locked Allocations will now show the save button as disabled.

  • The attendance flexi-time timing in the Shift Presets now shows only the 'Per Shift' option.

  • The system will now automatically generate missing Intermediate punches when an employee is scheduled to work consecutive shifts but does not punch out and back in between shifts.

Time & Attendance Fixes

  • The scheduler is now showing the correct number of hours for imported leave.

  • In the Send to Payroll process, an error report is being generated when an employee who is not entitled to overtime has an allocation of overtime.

  • Any modifications to shift presets will not have any effect on detached shifts and vice-versa.

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