How to allocate absences in Attendance

Learn how to set allocations for an employee who was absent, late, or missed time

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Making allocations for an attendance exception with an absence balance

  1. In your Attendance Exception screen, select a time period using the date selector.

  2. Find an employee with an absence tag, e.g. Late Arrival, Early Departure.

  3. Click the magnifying glass icon of the attendance exception you wish to resolve.

  4. In the Allocations modal, click the Set allocation button.

  5. Under 'Alloc. time', type in the hours and minutes you wish to allocate.

  6. Make any necessary changes to 'Adjust balance' and 'Type', and then click Save.

The above is an example for '25min' of absence, which was allocated as a deduction of 25min from the employee's Vacation Leave by Priority.

If you want to simply resolve the attendance exception without applying any further actions, click the 'Resolved' toggle. The attendance exception will then be marked with a Resolved tag.

Continue to resolve any remaining attendance exceptions within the selected dates. Attendance exceptions must be dealt with individually. 

Completed allocations made to attendance exceptions will be marked with an Amended tag.

To apply an additional allocation to the attendance exception, click the + button in the Allocations tab.

Note that allocations will automatically be made if rewards or penalties are assigned to the shift.

Additionally, you can:

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