How to recalculate allocations in Attendance

If your clocking system is synced with Attendance, using the recalculate allocation option will update new attendance exceptions

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Recalculating allocations for synced attendance data

  1. In Indigo, go to Attendance > Main > Attendance exceptions.

  2. In the top right-corner of the Attendance Exceptions screen, click File.

  3. Click Recalculate allocations.

  4. In the confirmation window, click Recalculate.

Please note:

  • Attendance exceptions that have been amended, resolved, or sent to a payroll period will not be affected by the allocation recalculations.

  • If you manually import clocking data, allocations are automatically calculated with every import. However, if your Scheduler has been amended after importing clocking data, the allocations will not be automatically amended. After amending your Scheduler or Clocking Data screens, it is then best for you to Recalculate Allocations.

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