To send attendance data to your payroll after making allocations to attendance exceptions:

  1. In your Attendance Exceptions screen, select the attendance dates.

  2. In the top-right corner of the Attendance Exceptions screen, click Send to Payroll.

  3. Select a payroll in the pop-up window.

  4. Click Preview to review the attendance data. 

  5. When ready to send to Indigo Payroll, click Send record to payroll.

The payroll period must first be created in Indigo Payroll. Note that all allocations made to the selected attendance record, including rewards and penalties, will be automatically sent for calculations in the selected payroll period.

The system will notify you if there are any errors after you click Send record to payroll. Indigo provides you the option to print a report of these errors. You can make then make the necessary adjustments, and then repeat the send to payroll process.

Any payment irregularities resulting from unresolved attendance exceptions sent to the payroll can be manually adjusted while calculating the payroll.

Please note that once records have been sent to a payroll, the respective dates will be locked in your Scheduler, preventing you from making changes to allocated shifts.

After sending records to Indigo Payroll, the clockings will be marked as True in the Transferred column of the Clockings Data page. This means the clocking has been sent to a payroll period.

After sending attendance data to payroll, you can:

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