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The layout of Indigo Mobile
The three main screens of Indigo Mobile
The three main screens of Indigo Mobile
The scheduler and the shifts and clockings tabs are the primary screens of Indigo Mobile
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There are three functions in Indigo Mobile:

The Scheduler

The scheduler shows the work shifts allocated to you by your Indigo Attendance administrator. From here, you can clock in or out, view shift details, and view clocking details for the shift. 

The shifts in your schedule are shown in a vertical list. You can scroll up and down to see more shifts in the scheduler.

The upcoming or current shift in your scheduler is presented in an expanded container. Tap on the shift to go to the shifts and clockings tabs.

You are able to clock in and out of the shift from the scheduler page by tapping on the Clock in and Clock out buttons.

The scheduler page is an “infinite scrolling” page, meaning that you can continue scroll up or down to see further back or forward, respectively, in your scheduler. 

The clock in/out buttons are present on days where no shift is allocated (such as for weekends or days off). This is to provide the opportunity for you to register attendance data for unscheduled work.

The Shifts tab

The shifts tab contains information about your shifts.

In this tab, you will find the shift’s name, its start, end, and break times, the cost centre assigned to it, and a description about the shift. 

The Clockings tab

The clockings tab contains the timestamps of your clock-ins and clock-outs for a particular shift. You can clock in or out of the shift from this tab.

You can make adjustments to clockings in this page by tapping the clockings’ timestamps. 

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