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[Administrators] Setting up and managing Indigo Mobile for your organisation
[Administrators] Creating the required permission sets for Indigo Mobile
[Administrators] Creating the required permission sets for Indigo Mobile
Permissions sets give users the rights to utilise certain features and functionalities in Indigo Mobile.
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There are four permission sets which are optional and are bonus functionalities for the users to whom you wish to assign. These include:

Creating the basic access permission set for Indigo Mobile

To create the required permission set for Indigo Mobile:

1. In the left sidebar of Indigo, click on Administration.

2. In the Main section, click on Permission Sets.

3. Click on Insert (plus icon) in the functions bar.

4. Enter a code and description for the permission set. For example, we recommend the code name to be MobileT&ABasicAccess, but this can be whatever you like. 

5. Click Save (check mark icon).

Now you can assign the follow three permissions in this permission set:

To add the required permissions, click on the permission set you just created, and then click on the Unassigned Permissions tab.

You can use the search bar under Code to search for the permission names. Find the permission and click on Insert (plus icon) in the functions bar. In the pop-up window, select the appropriate Entity Actions for each permission. 

Click Save for each permission. 

The permission will be added to the Assigned Permissions page for the permission set. 

Do this for each of the three permissions listed above.

When all three permissions are assigned to the permission set, you can then give the permission set to the user you want to use Indigo Mobile. 

The same process is done for the optional permission sets.

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