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A note about our revamped e-mail channel
A note about our revamped e-mail channel

Find out more about the support e-mail notifications you are receiving from Shireburn's Customer Support Team.

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On November 25, 2019, we revamped our e-mail support channel ( to include a support ticketing system and a customer satisfaction ratings system

Our goals were to provide an easier way for you to follow your support requests and to give you a chance to rate the quality of our agents' support. 

Support tickets are a tool we use to provide quick and direct solutions to any issue you may encounter when using our products. 

When the issue has been resolved, you will be kindly asked to rate the performance of our support agent's assistance to you. Your feedback on our work helps us improve our level of support in the future!

How our support ticketing system works

After you request support from our team, you will receive a minimum of two notifications in your e-mail inbox. 

The first notification will inform you that your support request has been filed as a new ticket. The e-mail includes the ticket ID and the subject of the ticket.

The final notification will be sent after the support agent handling your request has resolved the issue. 

Additional notifications will be sent between the first and last notifications as a result of regular correspondences with the agent handling your request.

How did we do?

In the final notification, we kindly ask you to rate the quality of our support agent's help to you. We request that you consider taking the time to provide feedback on our performance so that we know how and where we can improve. 

All you need to do is click one of the three rating options at the bottom of the e-mail. A new web page will open where you can provide additional information about your customer experience. 

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