31st December 2019


Written by Walter Psaila
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Payroll Enhancements

  • Support for new overtime taxation rate introduced in Budget 2020 regarding the first 100 overtime hours for workers earning less than €20,000 and not in a managerial position.

  • Enhanced detailed payroll report and payslip drafts to reflect the overtime taxation concession.

  • Added new Overtime concession opt-out checkbox within the Employees page to  exempt managers and employees opting out from the new overtime tax concession.

  • Added new pay item taxation profile page to accommodate the new tax rates for overtime concession.

  • Extended the Pay items page to add a new field linking selected pay items to the new pay item taxation profile.

  • Enhanced the Indigo Payroll Export API to cater for the new overtime taxation concession values.

  • Extended existing Employees API to cater for the new OvertimeConcessionOptOut field.

  • Enhanced Detailed Payroll Report to allow user to include/exclude basic hours,overtime hours and hours per applicable leave type.

  • Support for SVB Bank SEPA Direct Credits.

  • Optimisation for Payroll Finalization and Un-Finalization processes.

  • Optimised cheque printing processing.

  • Internal caching optimisation.

Payroll Fixes

  • Forgot password no longer gives an error when triggered.

  • Issue with calculating Public Holiday pay for terminated hourly employee has now been resolved.

  • Overtime Report, Basic Hours Report and Benefits Reports can now be grouped by Level 2 and Level 3.

  • Error messages displayed when using the Copy & Paste function in the Employees page have been improved.

  • Employee filter no longer overlaps the Payroll Totals extended report header.

  • Email address within the Payroll settings is now being saved correctly.

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  • The Detailed Costings Report now supports ability to be printed for a specified date range.

Time & Attendance Fixes

  • Scheduler locked issue when sending to payroll is now resolved.

  • Leave balance update after sending to payroll is now resolved.

  • Scrolling for Shift presets modal when opened  from Scheduler is now supported.

  •  'Assign to shift presets' modal now displays all shifts when opened from Penalties and Rewards.

  • For shifts having an attached flexitime break , T&A will now exclude the break if it is not taken.

  • When setting an employee termination date for an employee having shifts, clockings or allocations (even if the shift is locked) after this date, the system is now showing a warning rather than an error message. 

  • Attendance Exceptions screen now supports grid scrolling for 1366 by 768 screen resolution.

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