16th January 2020


Written by Walter Psaila
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Payroll Enhancements

  • The Employee Previous employment now fully caters for the overtime concession figures as per measure introduced in the last Budget.

Payroll Fixes

  • Error message displayed when trying to delete an employee having assigned leave entitlements has now been improved to show more detail.

  • Issue with short term benefit calculations for sick half pay leave has now been resolved. 

  • Cancel button will no longer be visible within the Leave Request Audit screen when having no permission to delete.

  • Users can now filter for calculation errors within the payroll calculation screen.

  • Payroll codes are now maintaining the sequence number when set to AUTO.

  • Issue with duplicate negative adjustments has been resolved.


  • Tax Calculation report, Payroll Detailed report, FS3 report and cheque layouts now reflecting the overtime taxation concession introduced in the last Budget.

  • Leave History Report performance has been optimised. Furthermore, the report now supports one level grouping.

  • Department is now being shown in the payroll report.

  • Issue with Detailed Payroll Report grand totals has now been resolved.

  • Issues with FS5 values in C2 & D2 are now resolved and all totals are now matching.

  • Issue with Actual total gross figure within payslip has been resolved not to exceed the gross total to date.

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  •  Schedule costs are updated in background when a scheduler is created, updated or deleted.

  • Added support for Break Import when importing attendance punches.

Time & Attendance Fixes

  • Scheduler no longer gives date and/or time conversion error message.

  • Total hours for the week are now being correctly rounded.

  • When using the Send to Payroll function, already exported data will not be re-processed.

  • Settings related to cost re-allocation within the payroll calculation settings will only be available to authorised users.

  • Overtime rate is now taking in consideration that when it is being calculated the Basic Pay and any Recurring Adjustment which is set with Group "Basic Pay" is  added to set the rate.

New APIs

  • Holidays List Read API

  • Leave Entitlements Read API

  • Leave Entries Read API

  • Leave Authorizers Read API 

  • Payroll Calculation Overtime Insert API

  • Payroll Calculation Overtime Update API

  • Payroll Calculation Basic Hours Read API

  • Payroll Calculation Basic Hours Insert API

  • Payroll Calculation Basic Hours Update API

  • Payroll Calculation Pay Items Read API

  • Payroll Calculation Pay Items Insert API

  • Payroll Calculation Pay Items Update API

  • Payrolls Insert API

  • Payrolls Update API

  • Pay Items Read API

  • Pay Items Update API

  • Pay Items Insert API

  • Pay Item Tax Rates Read API

  • Pay Item Tax Rates Insert API

  • Pay Item Tax Rates Update API

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