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Company Bank Files compatible with Indigo
Company Bank Files compatible with Indigo

A list of banks whose SEPA files are compatible with Indigo for the purpose of generating direct credit files from the Company Bank Account.

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Indigo Payroll allows you to send payments to any Euro currency-based bank account with an IBAN. There is no need to fill in the SEPA file type for payee bank accounts.

As a payer, you can only send payments from a limited number of banks. This is because every bank account has a specific File Type to be used, and the Direct Credit File sent to the bank has to be customised for each bank.

This means that the Company Bank Account used to make payments must belong to one of the banks in the list below. Please note SEPA files from the below banks are compatible with Indigo Payroll.

  • Allied Irish Banks (AIB)

  • APS Bank

  • Banca Da Sabadell

  • Bank of Cyprus (1bank)

  • Bank of Valletta (BOV)

  • Barclays Bank

  • BNF (formerly Banif)

  • Central Bank of Malta (CBM)

  • CITI Bank

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Finductive Ltd

  • Genome Bank

  • Global ACH

  • HSBC Malta

  • IFX Payments

  • Lidion Bank

  • Lombard Bank

  • MeDirect

  • Moneybase

  • Revolut

  • Santander

  • Société Générale Bank

  • Sparkasse

  • SEB

  • SVB

  • TrustPay

  • UBS

  • UBS Swiss

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