24th February 2020

Indigo | A new budgeting feature has been added to T&A, and many more new Payroll and T&A improvements

Written by Walter Psaila
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Payroll Enhancements

  • We have adjusted the Class 1 Social Security Rates as per CFR publication published on 4th February.

  • Leave Accruals report has been optimized, improving its performance significantly.

  • Indigo now provides the ability to publish FS3s and send them via email with the option to be downloaded as a secured ZIP file.

  • A new Payroll setting has been added allowing payroll administrators to Hide Basic Hours Details from payslips.

  • Payroll insertions and modifications are now being audited by keeping track of the date and time records have been inserted/modified and by which user.

  • New Overtime Concession Tax and Overtime Concession Hours columns have been added to the Employee Payroll History View.

  • Further security enhancements has been applied to the portal's authentication mechanism to protect from malicious access.

  • Leave calendar view now supports ability to allow portal users to view staff on leave for their respective Cost Center.

  • Added support to limit the payslip logo image size to 250Kb.

Payroll Fixes

  • Adding a new leave entitlement to an employee from the Leave Entitlement tab within the Employees page no longer requires user to refresh the page to be able to view the newly inserted record.

  • An issue has been addressed related to the pro-rata leave entitlement generation where an incorrect entitlement was generated if basic hours records existed that were dated before the start date of the first run of the Payroll year.

  • The system no longer generates an error if an employee has used more leave hours than the standard number of working hours during a payroll period.

  • Issue with Audit log loading has now been resolved.

  • Email address validations within the General settings tab now allow email addresses to be separated by a semi-colon.

  • Leave Situation report is now correctly taking care of leave paid off values.

  • Overtime report is now considering the add to basic recurring pay items when calculating overtime amount.

  • Tax value on FS5 is now excluding previous month's OT tax.

  • Intermittent Issue of printing everyone's payslips instead of selected one occurring when printing payslips from print button in payslip is now resolved.

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  1. A new T&A Settings section allowing users to enable/disable the feature and selecting whether hourly,monetary budgets (or both) will be used. 

  2. A new Budget allocation maintenance screen from where cost center budget values can be assigned/uploaded.

  3. The scheduler page has been modified to show budgeted and actual hours/costs in a dashboard. Clicking on particular cost centers within the scheduler will update the respective values in the dashboard.

  4. Detailed Costings report has been extended to include the weekly Budgeted and Net values per cost center.

  5. The Budgeting feature can be enabled through the new TA_Budget permission.

  • A new menu item has been added to the View menu of the scheduler allowing users to show shift cost centers in the scheduler for this schedules having their cost center re-allocated.

  • A new reporting option has been added to the Costs detailed report allowing users to report costs always starting from a Monday or else depending on the start date selected by the user.

  • A new grouping option has been added to the Punches Details report allowing data to be reported based on the schedule's cost center.

  • Viewing of the Hourly rate value within the T&A scheduler is now being controlled by a security function.

  • Attendance allocation time now support seconds.

Time & Attendance Fixes

  • Issue of schedules not being saved when hovering on a calendar day and clicking on the Plus sign is now resolved.

  • Newly employed employees can no longer be assigned shifts for the days within the week the employee has been employed which are before the actual employment date.

  • Terminated employees can no longer be assigned shifts for the days within the week the employee has been terminated which are after the actual termination date.

  • Allocation issue for penalties assigned with multiple cost centers is now resolved.

  • When modifying schedules' attendance timings and attendance types, the resultant detached shift will now reflect the new attendance type properties.

  • Persistency issue when modifying detached schedules' remarks from the Quick Edit view is now resolved.

  • When an employee's department code is not set and there is a filter on the reward/penalty, no error will now be given during the re-calculation process.

  • Issue with Hourly Employees with Reward of Allowance at Rate x1 is now resolved.

  • Issue of deducting break time from overtime hours is now resolved.

  • The 'Send to Payroll' report preview no longer gives an error on report generation.

  • Punches Detail report is now taking into consideration any punches registered in all public holidays.

  • Vacation hours imported from payroll are now being displayed in the Punches Summary report.

  • Copying and pasting any shift  for which the cost centre was amended is now maintaining the amended cost centre irrespective of the employee being pasted to. 

  • Copying and pasting any shift for which the cost centre was never amended is now showing the shift preset cost centre (if set) or the default cost centre for the employee being pasted to.

  • Employee exception record is now being maintained in the exceptions grid after an allocation having a missing clocking is inputted and updated.

  • Sunday allowance issue for night-shift workers over-paying when spanning to Monday is now resolved.

New APIs

  • Bank SEPA File Types Read

  • Citizenships Read

  • Cost Centers Read

  • Countries Read

  • Employment Types Read

  • Employment Types Insert

  • Employment Types Update

  • Grades Read

  • Grades Insert

  • Grades Update

  • Leave Requests Insert

  • Locations Read

  • Occupations Read

  • Sections Read

  • Short Term Benefits Profile Read

  • Short Term Benefits Profile Update

  • Termination Reasons Read

  • Termination Reasons Update

  • Termination Reasons Insert

  • Units Read

  • Work Schedule Profiles Read

  • Work Schedule Profiles Details Read

API Enhancements

  • PayItem APIs have been extended to include the new PayItemTaxationProfile_Code field.

  • Any fields which are auto-generated by Indigo will no longer be marked as Required in the Insert APIs.

  • Description fields which need not need to be sent on insert are now being marked as Read-only.

  • Public OAuth APIs response format has been updated to match with the response format sent for other APIs.

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