28th February 2020


Written by Walter Psaila
Updated over a week ago

Payroll Fixes

  • Issue with FS5 Total Tax Deductions amount after re-generation of report is now resolved.

  • Issue with discrepancy in OT Tax value between payslip and Detail Payroll report is fixed.

Time & Attendance Enhancements

  • Scheduler screen has been optimized resulting in better performance.

Time & Attendance Fixes

  • When opening the 'Assign to Employee groups' in Rewards Preset screen, the scroll bar is now showing allowing user to scroll through the data.

  • Issue with false warnings on scheduler is now resolved.ย 

  • Sick leave allocation error during recalculation process is now resolved.

  • When a night shift is inserted on a Saturday (which eventually half of it falls on the next day) the system is now giving these post midnight hours as Sunday premium. This applies to rewards having type set to 'Works on specific day(s)' and day selected is Sunday.

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