Indigo operations: batch job processing

This is a summary of how we handle batch jobs and our backup and recovery procedures related to those jobs

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Batch job processing

Our batch jobs include:

  • Nightly clearance of developers’ access rights client to data which was first requested to the client by the developer. Clients can, with their approval, permit developers access to their Indigo data. At 6pm, the credentials used to access the data are revoked from the developer, and the client’s data’s credentials are scrambled. 

  • Nightly archiving of data. 

  • Nightly copying of live data to the staging environment.

Monitoring of jobs (success/failure)

All batch jobs are triggered on a schedule. 

Successes and failures to the batch jobs are announced immediately to pertinent Shireburn team members via secured messengers or e-mail.

Backup and recovery procedures

We use SQL Azure Database replication to keep data safe in the case of system failure. 

We also keep a point in time recovery backup for the last 35 days.

Changes to the batch job schedules

Direct managers request changes to batch job schedules. The request is made to the dev-ops team who, under the supervision of the direct managers, adjust the batch job schedules as needed.

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