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COVID Wage Supplement and the FS5
COVID Wage Supplement and the FS5

Learn how to extract COVID Wage Supplement values from your payrolls and how to reflect this on the FS5

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FS5 changes for COVID Wage Supplement

This section will help you make the necessary adjustments to your FS5 as per the requirements of the Commissioner for Revenue (CFR) regarding the COVID Wage Supplement. According to Point 2 in the CFR Notice to Employers, "On Form FS5 the total due to CFR less the SSC when the wage supplement is paid, will be shown in box D5".

Indigo will now automate this procedure. Boxes D5 and D6 of your FS5 will show the values less the 10% deduction of the COVID Wage Supplement. This means that 10% of the total COVID amount will be deducted from the FS5.

At the bottom of Section D of the FS5 in Indigo, you will also find:

  • The value of COVID Wage Supplement (less SSC) due to the employer

  • The value of SSC deducted from COVID Wage Supplement paid to employer (Deducted from D5)

If you already generated the FS5 from the previous versions of Indigo, it is recommended to regenerate the FS5. Doing so, you will refresh the values on both the FS5 and eventually on the FS7 which will be required at the end of the year.

Further Analysis of the COVID Wage Supplement

There are multiple ways in which you can extract the total amount of COVID Wage Supplements calculated in your payrolls. We recommend for you to use the Payroll Report.

The value paid of the COVID Wage Supplement can be isolated in a specific column in the payroll report by selecting COVID Wage Supplement as one of the Analysis Codes, which you can choose prior to generating the report.

  1. In the Reporting section of Indigo Payroll, click on Payrolls.

  2. Select the payrolls for which you want to generate a payroll report.

  3. Choose Totals in the Report Type field.

  4. In either Analysis Code 2 or 3 fields*, search for and select COVID.

  5. Click on Generate.

(*If the Include maternity leave fund option is selected, it will be listed in the Analysis Code 1 column of the report. Use Analysis Codes 2 or 3 for the COVID Wage Supplement.)

The totals of paid COVID Wage Supplements are shown in the report under the Analysis Codes column.

You can also use the Detailed Payroll Report or Adjustment Report to filter out the COVID Wage Supplement Value.

More info about the COVID Wage Supplement and Indigo Payroll:

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