Tools in the Indigo functions bar

See a comprehensive guide to the many functions in the toolbar that's designed to make your day-to-day workflow a breeze in the Indigo Suite

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The functions bar in the Indigo Suite has loads of useful tools to help you run payroll, leave, attendance and HR management for your business.

Below are some useful tricks using some of the tools in the functions bar.

Using advanced filtering in Indigo

Filtering data shows data on your screen according to the criteria you choose. This allows you to find the entries and associated data quicker and to run more concise reports and data exports.

What are logical operators?

Logical operators connect two or more statements to refine a data filter for more precise results. Indigo has two logical operators:

AND - When using the AND logical operator, both preceding and following statements must be “true”. A true statement means both entries used in the filter matches existing data points.

OR - When using the OR logical operator, either the preceding or following statements can be “true”.

How to use logical operators

Click the filter icon to enter data filters.

Logical operator filtering uses the following structure:

(statement operator statement) operator statement

A statement identifies the field and the relationship to the value. For example, “Name IsEqualTo John” is a statement.

Using date filters

You can also sort data by date when using the date from and date to columns in most pages in Indigo.

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