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Generating a leave accruals report
Generating a leave accruals report

Learn how to create a leave accruals report that summarizes remaining leave balances of your employees

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A leave accruals report compiles leave entitled to and taken by employees in your system. It also shows the value of how much you owe leave to the employee if they were to be terminated on a particular day.

Current year leave is entitled pro-rata depending on the dates used. For example, if the date range is 01/01 30/06, the leave entitlement of 216 goes down to 108.

To generate a Leave Accruals report:

  1. Go to Payroll and Leave > Reporting > Leave Accruals.

  2. Choose to generate the report from the Payroll Company or Employees tab.

  3. Choose the data from and to, leave type, and other options in the setup panel.

  4. When ready, click on Generate PDF.

Selecting a leave type is required for a leave accrual report. You can also select to include NI and bonuses.

In the Payroll Company tab, you can select the companies to include in the leave accruals report. You can also use the Employees tab to generate a leave accruals report for a chosen group of employees.

You can include accumulated and public holidays in your report by selecting the leave type for each section.

Grouping Levels are used to group the employees within the report based on any characteristics that you want.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

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